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For the past five years Affecting Change Inc. (ACI), has been working with a broad based coalition of grassroots community groups, in southeast and South Los Angeles. As part of an effort to both prevent homelessness and assist residents who are homeless, through a variety of social services and transitional housing.  Many of the residents served under this initiative have been low-income veterans who have struggled to readjust to civilian life.  These outreach activities and social services have been critical in offering interventions to this targeted population to improve their quality of life.  Our goal is to serve veterans and their families. Focusing on minority and women veterans who have been grossly underserved. 


Affecting Change Inc. in collaboration with their partners provides outreach, case management and assistance in obtaining benefits, as well as, a wide range of other services:



  • Legal Services
  • Personal Financial Planning Services
  • Emergency Housing Assistance (Transitional Housing)
  • Transportation
  • Daily Living Services
  • Case Management
  • Mental Health
  • Counseling
  • Child Care
  • Training and Development


Through the different programs, modules and partnerships, ACI is committed to providing veterans the services they need, to improve their lives and stamp out homelessness!


We appreciate your support, as we work together to help those men and women who have given so much to our Country!



TEL: 800-899-5054
FAX: 866-843-7061
EMAIL: info@affectingchangeinc.org