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The TPT training program focuses on training and development of our low income youth ages 16-24, male and female; to teach them and develop their marketability for employment and college.

The outreach and recruitment of participants will utilize a community based orientation method and specialized follow-up for those with increased need. The components of the program are centered around the following:

  1. Training: Train participants on life skills, job readiness skills and the value of higher education to help them make good life decisions
  2. Career Development: Preparation for post-TPT placement on a job site, college readiness. Using job fairs and placement services that focus on youth.
  3. Identification:  Identify areas of interest and turn them into jobs or businesses
  4. Counseling:  Provide support services for crisis management, problem solving, goal-setting and future planning. If necessary, this also includes, expungement of criminal records and drug and alcohol treatment.
  5. Leadership Development: Create a mindset on how to be a leader by taking responsibility to make things happen for yourself, your family, and the community.
  6. Mentoring: designed to help the overall development of the participants. Coach participants to success.


Workforce & College Readiness

TPT is a job-training program with expectations designed to help participants develop skills needed to succeed in any work or educational setting.   Job and college readiness is included in every part of the TPT Training Program. This means we focus on the “AFTER” that will help the participants be successful anywhere:

  • Attitude: Training on mindset development and preparedness for entering the workforce or college environment
  • Focus: Training on developing goals and sticking with them to achieve success
  • Talents: Training on identifying your strengths and opportunity areas and turning them into careers, jobs or higher education
  • Education: Training on the necessary skills to gain entry into college and teaching them the appropriate language and behavior etiquette for the applicable setting
  • Responsibility: Training on accepting responsibility for where they are and where they want to go

After TPT Follow-up

As a TPT Graduate, participants will be eligible for on-going support services, whether for crisis management, pursuing further education, training for a different job and community building activities.




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