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Victorious Overcoming Women Empowered (VOWE)

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VOWE helps low income women transition into the work force or start their own business.  Each woman will be assessed to determine their career/job aspirations or entrepreneurial desires.  The program will focus on job training, placement services, career counseling, understanding corporate culture and additional support to help them gain financial security. Another aspect of the program is to provide clothing to participants to help build confidence and self- esteem, in looking for a job and function in a business environment.  By presenting a professional appearance, our participants will feel empowered to excel.

vowewommen2The program goes beyond the practical skills necessary for a job or business and delves into basic life skills, motivation, coaching and confidence building.  The workshops are designed to accelerate their success and fulfillment in life. The confidence module is key to their success as it teaches them, what a confident woman really looks like, where true confidence comes from and what to do when you lack confidence.

The workshops are interactive and provide guidance to women on how to change the course of their lives and empower them to unleash the possibilities within.  The modules consist of the following:

  • Coaching for life success
  • Confidence Building
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Life Skills
  • Job Readiness Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Leadership

VOWE is designed for women by women, to deal with the challenges that women face. We believe that all women are Victorious Overcoming Women…Empowered!



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